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If like many people, you are wondering how to help the most needy, then you are in the right place. We believe that together we can make this world a better place for us. That is why we have implemented this sponsorship program to help you give your support.

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Sponsorship is voluntary and united support that you provide to a child so that he can study with peace of mind and realize his full potential. Your support will prevent child labor in markets, fields and landfills. Your sponsorship will also benefit his family and his community. Sponsorship changes children's lives and prepares them for a better future.

Why This?

Guinea is a country with one of the lowest education rates in the world. The country's education system is in great difficulty and many poor families do not let their children continue their education because they have to work to help their parents support the family.

As a result, young girls are the most affected. Most of the times they don not attend schools and end up leaving the education system, without acquiring the basics of reading and writing. This facilitates and accentuates the early marriage of young girls and therefore the poverty cycle continues, along-with the suffering of women.

In view of all this, we, the association RANIMEhave decided to put our skills at the service of worlds / society and to bridge the gap between you and these children who are in this situation. Together; we can and we will build a platform for them, where they can explore and make their dreams come true. Oh Yes! We Can!

Different Ways To Go Ahead?

To better meet the needs of under-priviliged children, we offer two forms of sponsorship. This gives more clarity and facilitates the management of the sponsorship.

Association Toulouse Parrainage d'enfant avec l'association RANIME

Collective Sponsorship

Collective sponsorship allows you to give your help to a group of children. The amount of your donation will be used by us to help a group of children who have been bifurcated into groups; based on the similarity of their needs such as educational support, food, etc. This form of support is essential for our association in order to help more children, in one go.

Parrainage d'enfant avec l'association RANIME France Guinée

Individual Sponsorship

As part of an individual sponsorship, the association will present you with profiles of children from which you will choose your beneficiary. You will be allowed to get to know the child, offer gifts (if you prefer), etc. Your financial aid will sponsor school supplies, transportation, uniforms and food for the child. Part of the sponsorship will also be utilised by the family of the child; allowing him to compensate for the fact that their child is no longer working and to encourage the child's family not to allow / force the child to drop from education system.

Transparent management
of your donations

The RANIME association is committed and guarantees its donors and sponsors a transparent use of funds. Each donation is used with care and the maximum possible is sent to our beneficiaries. Find out more about the transparent use of funds and the testimonials of our donors and sponsors click here.

Parrainage d'enfant avec l'association RANIME à toulouse

Coût du parrainage

Together for a better world!

Our association's mission is to transmit your generosity to the most under-privileged and we will never betray your trust. 

We will never share your information with third parties.

Give them a better future

Give the power!

By sponsoring a child, you help not only the child but also their family, their community and you prepare a better future for humanity.

Keypoints Of Sponsorship

School uniform and collaterals


Hygiene and Sanitation


Creative art


Family support

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