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Project : Read Quarterly

R.Q. is an educational support project to prevent and combat failure in reading and writing. Its objective is to support the children and youth with guided tutorials, in order to help them in reading, writing, making calculations etc.

Child sponsorship

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” said Nelson Mandela. We want to put this wisdom into practice by engaging in this project of educational accompaniment for under-priviliged children. Our goal is to support children in need and at risk of dropping out of school.

Collective market gardening project

Collective market gardening is an agricultural project that aims to accompany a group of rural women for the establishment of a market gardening crop in off-season. The aim is to develop a collective garden of 4 hectares for women in the village of Linsan Saran. This project will fill the 6 months of inactivity for these women; who very often, have no economic activities after the rainy season harvests.


This would be a significant source of income for them and they would be self-sufficient in vegetables. This project aims to support them in setting up workplaces and financial freedom for them all.

Project : Living Water

Living Water is a project to create water points / outlets in the district of Kindia. The idea is to create a borehole and develop the other two, that are already existing in this district which does not receive running water from the city. So thousands of people suffer from lack of water on a daily basis.

The project in detail

Read Quarterly

The aim for us, is to support every child and focus on his/her; reading, writing and calculating skills. We also want to encourage middle school and high school students on regaining their taste for reading, by the providing them textbooks.

Our solution is to act sustainably on the problems of reading and writing deficits of school children. Implementation of support for the children who come from very poor families, so that they can taste and savour different facets of learning, reading, writing and arithmetic calculations.

We mobilize the young graduates of the society to accompany the younger children, for review sessions in the classrooms; made available by the officials of the Public High School of the neighborhood.

Books will be made available to elder children, which they can borrow and bring back later. We’re planning to have our own library later, when we have more resources.

Child sponsorship

If you wish to sponsor, the RANIME association allows you to take part in a collective work of support and help children in difficulty.

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