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RANIME is an association that supports education and believes in reducing poverty, in rural areas of Guinea and Mali. Our primary focus is to empower women / girls; realising them of their equal educational rights and outcomes, as that of men / boys.



Our Vision

Work towards providing equitable access of quality education for all children. The world will be a better place to live in, when access to basic quality education helps break the poverty cycle of the vulnerable in our society. That is why we are fighting with your help against the poverty of women in villages so that children can take full advantage of their fundamental right, which is access to quality basic education, as defined by the UN.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the education of under-privileged children and to combat women’s poverty in rural areas.

We have a school support program for all children in need of urgent care and support, followed by an international sponsorship program that enhances children to move forward and build their careers.

In addition, through our project CMGCS (Collective Market Gardening in Counter-Season) we help women to get out of extreme poverty by helping them produce quality food which is more sustainable as well as takes into account the local customs.

How We Work?

We basically have two strategies to mobilize the means of action.

Human resources : We target, mobilize and engage young people of our society, who are willing to undertake solidarity actions; through online communications. They can either contribute in the form of donations; where they will be kept in loop to ensure them about when, where and how their money is getting spent; Or they can contribute voluntarily for our projects


Financial means : we have several strategies to finance our actions.
- Memberships and contributions : we create projects based on the financial means we collect from memberships and contributions from our members.

– Crowdfunding : The second pillar of our resource strategy is crowdfunding. The various projects are made available on our website, through which people can explore, see and decide to contribute as per their willingness and desire. We use the Helloasso platform which offers well-adapted solutions for associations.

– Grants : This is the help provided by the state or local authorities in the form of collateral support or money.

Our Projects

Sponsor a child 

Read Quarterly

Reading on shift is a school support project to prevent and combat failure in reading and writing. This project supports children and youth in a poor conditions with the aim of making them succeed in learning to read and write.



It’s a poultry farm project in a village in Guinea. The idea is to create the first egg and meat farm in this village.

Living Water

Living Water is a project to create water points / outlets in the district of Kindia. The idea is to create a borehole and develop the other two, that are already existing in this district which does not receive running water from the city. So thousands of people suffer from lack of water on a daily basis.

Association RANIME soutient le développement des initiatives économiques en Afrique de l'ouest

Support for women’s economic initiatives in villages

We work with our partners on the ground to implement and support women’s initiatives in village communities.

100% of donations invested 

Unlike the large international associations that have 80% of operating costs, at the RANIME association, we set ourselves the goal of investing 100% of donations in projects.


We believe in the power of common action. A union of strength where everyone brings what they can. 


supported children

indirect beneficiaries

People live close to each other, but not together. They spy on each other, are passionately jealous of each other and remain side by side through a habit that is more gregarious than united.

– Léonora Miano

There is only one way to be in solidarity with the humble, and that is to be part of them, to live their life and to endure its sufferings. There is no third order.

– Françoise Giroud

A team, casually, is undoubtedly stronger than a family. More solid, because more united.

– Jean-Philippe Blondel

Believing in God is not enough. There are too many Christians unworthy of their faith. It is better to be an atheist in solidarity than a bad Catholic who does nothing for others.


– Michel Serrault

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Association RANIME Enfance éducation et développement
Parrainage d'enfant association Ranime
Parrainage d'enfant association Ranime
Association Ranime soutien l'éducation des jeunes filles en Afrique



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